Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quilts, Actually....

 I was tossing and turning the other night in the Carolina heat when came an epiphany at 2 am.  In my cupboard, all folded and saved was this summer spread from Greenville, Alabama.  The wise me no more and out it came to lighten my load.  All hand applique, found in a barn antique store while visiting Great-aunt Carl 25 years ago.  I mean they were selling it for $35 dollars back then.  Now, I am all comfy under someone else's art..using it for myself and  loving it.  Great Aunt Carl died three weeks ago on my mother's birthday.  This is one nice reminder of our visits.
 I finished this top yesterday.  Soon, I will have the three tops done for the summer baby girls.

 Here we are tonight cutting up for Kathylynn's 60th.  Hard to be glum at a birthday party surrounded by friends.
Nice to be quilting again.


smazoochie said...

The quilt is a beauty. I love those big, old appliqué blocks.
Love seeing you all having such a good time.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love that applique!! the green is such a great shade. It's great to see you sewing tops. Happy Birthday to KathyLynn!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Keep finding the good, the bright, and the beautiful and then grump and whine whenever you need to let it all come out! You may not realize it now, but you are doing great and great things. Too bad, we just didn't have some m and m's left in the bowl every single day to indulge in. Oh, wait..maybe we do! Love your summer spread bargain, all your new fabric, and you!