Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Scrappy Crosses

I do not know why I cannot create.  Just pablum work here.
I cut some of my new scraps into 2.5 inch strips.
Epiphany...I had never made this block easy.
Especially with a box of white charms already in a box...somewhere...
So fun, so relaxing, so no-think. so scrappy.

I was determined not to cry this weekend.
I got out of the house.
Went to the grocery store and bought a nice steak and a treat.
Why did you not tell me that no-one could eat just one Oreo??!!
Went to a Naranon meeting with friends..
I never see my sister any more.  She is working 12 hour days in two jobs.
Bittersweet for me.
My daughter-in-law has been sick for a month. Sigh.

My daughter is going nut crazy about her wedding in two months.
Maybe or maybe not a wedding...It will be a surprise to all.
A small family wedding up a mountain in the woods somewhere.
Meantime she is going to have people throw organic brown rice...Hello
By the time she gets married, I will suggest avocado seeds.!!!!!!!
Not really and just kidding, I love you Emily as only a mother can.


ES said...

Oh boy! Wedding preparations can really be stressful and overwhelming. The cross blocks look good! Using your fab new scraps woooh!!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love the charm square blocks, so versatile. The wedding day itself will fly past, that's why the lead up is sometimes challenging. So much to organise, even a non formal wedding.

Courtney said...

Those cross blocks look so fun! I may have t o add them to the never ending list to try. So sorry your daughter in law has been sick for so long. I hope she is finally on the mend. Oh, the wedding preparations sure do test even the best mother-daughter teams! πŸ‘°πŸ»
I hope you feel lots of love around you today. I know it's not the same as in the past, but you are surrounded by people that love you! Good luck, keep sewing! πŸ’•❤️πŸ’•✂️

Karaquilts said...

Okay, I can make cross blocks with charms. Actually lovely and interesting even though simple. Thank you for sharing and continuing to make your fun, creative projects. I always look forward to all you share.

Weddings! My sensible, level-headed, mature daughter completely shut down before her wedding ~ ~ all of the things she planned to do were done by the people around her. I didn't leave the sewing machine except to sleep for almost two weeks as I made the dresses she was sure she could make!! and it was a lovely wedding for two people perfect for each other ~ ~ more than 20 years ago now. Hang in there :):) I do understand the nuttiness.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a clever block! A great one for having fun with fabric combos. It's amazing how many little things there are to organise even for a small wedding. 2 months will fly by. What about those people who organise their weddings for 2 years!

Joye with an e said...

Hi Diane,
Hope you had a pleasant Valentine's Day. I like the cross block and want to try it soon. My email address is