Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just One Little Post

I am quilting, for the first time in 3 months... one of my 12 pinned quilt tops.
 When I look at this picture, I remember my dear man over the machine..
.in his hospital bed, in the next room...
I loved him so...
No more suffering for my dear...
Of quilting leads to feathered stitches on the back...Ugh..I had to take out a 12 x 10 inch part...Oh, well...done now.  I really really love this backing.
It was so hard to use.
I wanted to save it...Really???
 The above quilt is now awaiting its binding.
 Now working on the small quilt from the nursing home.... jelly roll quilt.
 Pat's potholder...the tennis playing you Pat!!!

Really cool link Denim-I spy-rag quilt

Hi My Love...
 Just to tell you that I had a wonderful time at the widows dinner the other night..
The Charades were hilarious and the food and friendship were divine.
 It energized me so that Sunday I did some online paperwork for my license
  Some quilting and some reading and walking and napping.
Sunday was just a wonderful day..actually so have been the last few days. Amazing...
I knew you had not been home for awhile, so I sat down to send you an email about it...
when .........................reality set right back in..

I am working on mental exercises of healing..ways I look at things..
Maybe I am ready for that...maybe not.

Or, of course....Grandparenting!!!!

Sad news is that my son walked out of Detox and is back on the street again.
Good news is that my girl is her so...We had breakfast out this morning..
She did all my hard computer chores in like 10 seconds...paid my online bills in like 15 seconds.
Guess I am really an old lady after all.
But...guess what.????
 After 5 or 6 years disabled...I am wonderful!!!!
Life is still so sweet.
Amazing Grace!!


http://thankfullga447 said...

I am glad you are having a good few days. Being able to walk is a blessing - it is a good thing to think about yourself.

Mystic Quilter said...

So pleased you're getting back into the quilting and that you did have a good day, but so sorry to hear that your son has given up on Detox.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane, i am happy to read this post . The darkness is slowly getting lighter. Miss you!!

Rhonda said...

It's great that you're quilting & getting in some walking. As for doing things on the computer, young folks are great for that!!! Take care!!

Courtney said...

So glad to hear you are quilting and walking and finding a little joy, too. Xoxoxo, courtney

m. said...

Love seeing your quilts and pot holders (I think of them as mini quilts. They can serve so many purposes. My grandson has found much joy in teething on my mug rugs. He also spends time tracing the pieces. And throwing them from the high chair (or sailing them across the room) brings peals of laughter and harms no one! I know your small gifts bring much joy to many!)
Keep on keeping on. So glad you are working through all that life brings your way. Sorry your son has given up this time. Hoping one day you will see him well and free! In the meantime, you go, girl!

Rachaeldaisy said...

That backing fabric is like a sunny day. It's good to know theres happy in your days. I'm sending positive thoughts out to the universe for your son, he was doing so well and can do so again.

smazoochie said...

Oh no. I was so hopeful your son might have the strength to fight it this time.
So glad your young woman is back.