Monday, January 16, 2017

Back from Super Fun Quilting Retreat with my peeps.

Getting ready for this trip, I went to Trader Joe's
I was humming along, picking out treats for the retreat.
Out of the blue, I burst into tears at the cash register.,
Then, I told my story.
They gave me flowers.
I wanted to cry but I could not.  I was already crying.
MP....a dear friend to us all...provided much needed respite for a three day weekend to quilt...quilt...and her mountain house..I just got home this evening.
The Adventure of Grief......TED
Here we all are..:  9 sewing machines and 10 women.
The oldest member will be 100 in June, so she does not have a machine any more.

The top of the driveway leading to the lake.
Here, my darlings, Boo and Stitch, wait for me to get home.
Minnie is wearing Mickey pajama..... on sewing in your jammies day
Here are some of the projects I worked on:
The divided four patch...Tute found on Missouri Star.
I hated making it.  Too I only made 9 for maybe a medallion later on.

 I had a million or so, solid charms cut out already, so I switched to this:
Much easier and more relaxing..
Drenna made this baby quilt from scratch to finish...
She did such a wonderful job..

At least five of us were working on disappearing 9 patch...I will show you next time.
They are all so different.
R and needed and so much fun.
I only cried once.
Since fun is so exhausting...I am off to bed.
Thank  you MP  and a big thanks for the support of my quilting peeps


ES said...

A sewing retreat!! Sounds wonderful:) xx

http://thankfullga447 said...

The beauty of the place would have made me very happy. I use to live in the country with a lake and miss it so so much. Glad you got to go away for awhile.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's lovely to hear you've been on a retreat!! I love those tricky blocks. It's funny how some blocks are just so annoying to make, they look great though.