Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Unexpected Dash.

Mrs. O'Quilts was a busy lady today.
Children up and at um at 6:30, bus at 7;15.
Evan up at 7:30. He made his lunch.
He left at 8.  Clean teeth, clean body, clean clothes.
All by himself...the growing up 6th grader...Wonder what her name is...Ha!!
Grandma slept, ate lunch out and slept some more.
.Karate, then..Oh, my...
Two teachers emailed me that my dear boy  had failed the final exam.
Hmmmm...He had been doing so well.
But the new Christmas X-box one...has had an obsessive influence.
Bam..goes Grandma...no technology on school nights...Waaa..waaa.
Next:  Three hours showing the darling how to study for a re-take..
We were both exhausted.
This was sad as he has had an A in both classes.  This brings it all down to Bs
He cried.
Tomorrow, he will hit the studying the minute the bus comes home.
Quiet now...sewing.

Today's treat...The return of the churn dash..
Picture does not do justice to the lovely softness of this block.
My fox has been on my door design wall for a few years...OMG
At the retreat, I was able to secure it with a blanket stitch.
Now it is ready to be put into a baby quilt.
 I worked on the border for my group sampler at my retreat.
It was annoying to make this border.
I was thrilled.  Now that I am home, I see it is way too busy.
Starting again, I must make a simple border for this sampler.
Good news.:
My son called.  Someone approached him while he was flying his sign for money.
The man asked him if he wanted to work.
Oh, yes, he said.  My son is a wonderful worker.
He has already worked an entire week. He sleeps no charge in the man's work trailer.
He has made an appointment with us to see his children Sunday in the park.
A day of hope.
So it goes...


Bridget said...

Happy News. The man who gave your son a job is an angel.

ES said...

Ups and downs! Phew. Your quilt border is busy, could you add a solid border and then the busy one as well?

Mary said...

Your churn dash block is so sweet. I hope the new study routine does its job.