Monday, January 30, 2017

It Will all Be OK

Frozen waterfall in Bend, Oregon

The fun times are there.
Stress desires a frozen waterfall.. Please, Oh, Please..I want some too.
My son started Methadone on the way to Suboxone.
 His boss drove  him , gave him a room and knows nothing about addiction
He knows about hope and love.

The boss is driving him each day to the Center to get his pills.
 My son pays for it with his wages.
The boss said that he really needs him to work...That he does good work... so do good.
I am so proud of my son and his boss
They have not given up hope.

Here: a great post for political history: Gefilte quilt blog
Cathy's post marks history in the best creative way..I gotta figure out this one too..Thank u Cathy

In Bend, there are snow parks for snow shoeing, etc
The two travelers are now on their way to Portland.

I had a really rough grief day...
I need my Dear Man so much,
If he were here with me now
He would say:
It will all be OK, Sweetheart..,
 Remember, We still have each other.

Only we don't


ES said...
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ES said...

Sometimes you make me realise how much I rely on my husband. I'd be lost without him, it's funny that I hadn't thought about him that way before. I'm sure your heart is still aching. X

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I'm so pleased your son's employer is giving him a chance. There are some lovely people in this world we share. I hope you find peace and know that your man is always with you, cheering you on.