Thursday, January 26, 2017

Showing off

Death and Grief may do me in, but...not so much a needle!!!
Mostly it does not really hurt any more.  I kind of want to leave it in there,
My claim to fame.
Doctor said, No...they are so afraid of infection...true, it is still darker.
and warmer than the other wouldn't it be awful if ..
it became infected and went to my new knee??
So, I go to the finger hospital.
 I made these two potholder scrap tops...per our MQG
After 2, the finger starts to ache,,,,,no water past midnight!!

 Just showing the needle that I could!
Thanks to all the notes and volunteers of my friends.
Maybe tomorrow I will not be able to type.
So, I am doing it now...


Anita M said...

Ouch, makes my thigh gouge (blundered into a sharp edged metal sieve in the garden yesterday) look like nothing. Take care intrepid quilter...all the best for your surgery. Hot as Hades here at the mo' (91.4 today, yesterday 98.1). Love, light and peace from the land of Aus.

Rhonda said...

As Helen Ready sang, "You are woman, you are invincible," sort of!! Feel better soon!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Did you sew through your finger!! I was just at a lunch of sewers and we were telling stories of sewing through fingers or chopping bits of finger off with rotary cutters. Pretty gory now that I think of it. I hope your finger will be okay, I bet it hurts.