Friday, January 27, 2017

Grandma evidently survives almost anything...She makes friends with the wolf...

Today's hospital visit from 11am to 4pm...
Thought you would just love to see it all..
The before and after...drugged on Hydrocodone. She admires her new Bandaid.
Bandage stays on until follow up visit next Friday.
It would not last a whole week at my house, so I dressed it up a bit with duct tape.
It surely fits in with the O'Quilts constant drama.
Always feeling dotty!!
Big hand surgeon cut off half of the fingernail of my right index finger.
Then he was able to pull the needle right back out. No stitches!
Voila...The hole is still in the needle.
Ready to re-use..NO...
Memorabilia?  NO
Garbage!!  YES!!

I have been home 5 hours.  Common sense tells me to choose bed over sewing..,Ha!!
Big thanks to Drenna for picking me up and feeding me...Sheila for taking me to the hospital..twice!!
For the things I learned from the five new friends  I made today on the medical staff..and the countless encouraging notes from friends all over.
Thanks..for angels, the hand of God
 and for my dearest Mr O'Quilts, whose spirit gave me strength


ES said...

Thank goodness it didn't go in the bone. I bet it hurt like heck! I can't see much past 8:30pm, I just can't think straight after a day of kid wrangling!! I've just sewn up some birthday bunting, the girls painted letters on some calico that I had :) it was a fun project, I sewed on some fabric yoyo's to add some colour!

ES said...
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ES said...

*sew (autocorrect always changes sew, to see)

Rachaeldaisy said...

ARRRRR!!! You've been walking around with that much needle in your finger?! You crazy lady, lovely but crazy.
I'm glad to know its been seen and dressed and protected with colourful dotty duct tape.

myrtovl said...

OMG you should have gone to the hospital right after the accident! Wishing you quick recovery!

mpilafian said...

Feel better soon. You were lucky not to have a blood infection.

Karaquilts said...

This has certainly been an adventure ~ ~ and I can just hear your sweet grans telling and retelling the story into posterity! Evan will add great drama to the midnight rescue portion of the story I am sure! I'm glad the worst of it is over and you will somehow manage to keep it contained for a week, and then it will become a memory. I'm sure you can sew with a bandage on!!! I do most of my best work into the wee hours. Just me, my machine, my fabric, my music, thoughts and prayers. It restores my soul. May it continue to restore yours as well.

Unknown said...

HONEY!!!!! Girrrl, you sure had an ordeal with that needle. I'm squirming just thinking about it. So glad it is now out. Sending you hugs.

smazoochie said...

You are a trooper!
New friends, old friends, loved ones & the spirits of loved ones all keep us going.
I wish I could bring you some soup.