Saturday, January 21, 2017

Once again she is... Crabby McNasty

I think that this will be the answer.
First of all , I am not a purist.
All this fabric is not reproduction Civil War.
Second...this is not a really, really outstanding quilt.. It is a work of love.
It is special because of the signatures and blocks of my friends.

I am done with it.  I will finish the borders tomorrow.
Hoping that my Wednesday night group will baste this and my zigzag this week.

A lovely, fun and laughing lunch with my widow friends...TBTG
Home for the bus, Lynsey threw an absolutely ridiculously enormous fit because her brother won at paper, scissors, whatever...and got the red paper cup  of smoothie instead of the green
Sigh, poor grandma.
According to the 7 year old,  Grandma is lacking...because Olivia's Nanna is a doctor and a very good one.
She fixed Lynsey's boo boo perfectly.
God help me.

To our dearest Michele....I am grateful for your wisdom.
Thank  you.

“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be
mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.”---L. R. Knost

Please join me in active acts of love and kindness as well as prayer and meditation.
Let us become a community that manifests light in the darkness of this world.

I took this quote and clip from:
Michele Bilyeu
at  Hearts and Hands

So I want to be like Michele...Instead I am crabby as all get out.
Why??  You might ask.
It is because of the computer!!
If my love were would be fixed by now and I would also have a hug and kiss to boot!!!
Alas...he is not here and I am screaming in distress and frustration.
It is because Evan went on to the google account and changed my settings to some school settings, and I have to figure things out again.
It is because his drama teacher sent me an email that he might fail drama.
He told her that he did not ask for drama, that his school counselor and his grandmother put him in it.
 He told her that he was not going on stage.  Today was the last day in drama and she said she could be failing him...OMG
Goodbye went the X-box...hello came the typing up of the project that he said he could not do.
Hello came the typed apology...
Hello came the phone call from his school mentor explaining how going along with a teacher..or explaining your stage fright  might be more helpful than saying no..outright.
Back on went the X-box because he did it and it is Friday night.
Off went the X-box when I realized that he had not made the index cards he was supposed to be making for the last test of the language arts..
To bed went the boy who  was very very tired after all the drama and a good session of Karate, black belt workout.
Stephanie is still sick, so I went to Karate.
I was so amazed at how great they were..
Legs kicking high, form great, It was unbelievable..
So proud again...
How can I pay if forward if I am so crabby.
Do not tell me to just go to bed!!!!!
Tell me to go eat chocolate.
Hmmm I think I found the Oreos that Evan's mother bought him yesterday.
He owes me anyway.
Don't you think??


ES said...

Kids are exhausting! Hugs from me:)

Mary said...

I hope you enjoyed the Oreos. You definitely earned them!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You broke. You can be mended. We love you. And it will get better! And when your precious grandson says he doesn't like drama..he just created a wee bit of it in all of your lives..but you adore him and he is mending, too. And hey..we all love all of you!!