Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Quilting for Solace

For my birthday...from Katie...a gift cert to Hawthorne threads...Oh, my
Look at the loot.  Adorable fabric...
This introduced me to a new to me fabric site.
I am so happy......cannot wait to cut into this.

I am sewing...4 inch squares...here.
 and finishing...
I put the binding on these two quilts yesterday..
Done and gifted already.
The sweater that was too sizes too small for me with wool holes.
I could not bare to let it go..Here we go with still another pincushion.
Not about to be left alone on New Year's Eve,  after my birthday fiasco..
 I invited a few quilters from my widow's group..We are trying to find a name a bit more classy than the Wine-ing Widows quilting club...ha ha..
..Here are three of us anyway..The sleepy old women went home at 8.  Ha!!Ha!!

You know I should never post at night...dismal loneliness on missing my man
creeps up and grabs me by the heart... I am not used to whining in silence...
So, here we go!
The children came home today from their cousins' house.
They cannot wait to go and they cannot wait to come home.
Just like most of us.
Saintly Stephanie was  here on a minute...yeah!!
Widow group goes out to dinner next Friday.
Grandma O'Quilts has no baby sitter.
Oh, well...It is worth it to be with my darlings.,after all
I just had 6 days off.  I slept all day today to get ready!!!

The eleven year old pretty much takes care of himself with lots of neighborhood friends.
He just has a bit of a mouthy nature...pre-adolescent.
The two little ones need more care.

Hilarious, Dylan turns 7 in February.  I say to him...Oh, No...please do not turn 7,
I just love  you being 6,
 He says back...I will try not to, Grandma, but I might have to...So adorable..

Fighting off despair tonight with Charlie Pride on U-tube and making a dolly quilt.
My mother always said, when you feel badly yourself..do something nice for someone else.
Thank you Mom...again..

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Karaquilts said...

OH, how I love finishing a quilt and seeing it stretched out, folded up, lumped in a heap ~ ~ no raw edges or threads hanging ~ ~ such satisfaction is hard to describe. Well, unless it is about the thrill of pulling new fabrics and searching through the stash for the "one" more perfect addition and choosing the pattern and cutting the pieces and doing the math and then, oh, my ~ ~ the pure joy of handling each little piece as it feeds through the machine and presses beneath the iron and watching the blocks take shape and fill the design wall with a whole new sense of wonder!!!

May 2017 give you many such moments!