Friday, May 19, 2017

A Sad Day Made Glad

By the way, did  you know that I had a lot on my plate??
Did you know that I can hardly walk cuz my hip is gone ..
Another replacement probably in August.
I so feel sorry for myself today..
No dear man, no dear retirement..
BUT.....I have a dear girl and a wonderful
Mother's Day present arrived today.
A handmade Portland basket for my sewing trinkets!!
How did she  know that vino tinto was her mother's thing..
Made in Portland , she says!
I am one lucky mother
Thank you dear make me so happy.
Tuesday is senior day at Goodwill.
Here it is 25% off
I went there to buy my son a few t-shirts and shorts for the hot weather.
 What else did I find, in a size this woman will never ever see again!!
It is...was...such a cutie
Already is my midnight specialty....

Everyone wants me to be doing well.
Certainly I have  improved tremendously..
And of course, the grands are flourishing.

Today I missed my man.
Asthma and arthritis made me do it.
The hole in my heart is deep.

I have been struggling through the month of May
There are at least 10 triggers
It is worst than Christmas.
Down to the depths of despair..
That crazy roller coaster of grief climbs up once again.
I need my dear man back here with me. Right now..
The knife stays lodged in my heart. .His journey and my journey
Not our journey any more..

Stress...Trying not to grow my old tummy larger with donut self-medication
(that one is for Herb!!!)
The midnight hour knows that tomorrow will come my attitude adjustment
as the sun rises over my bottle tree and the bluebird sings for me.


Karaquilts said...

And your mother visits through your closing lines of poetry ~ ~ I hope the bluebird sang extra to you this morning.

Connie said...

Very sweet mother's day gifts . . . isn't it wonderful to be loved :)

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Lovely surprise from your thoughtful daughter. I don't think anybody would cope better than you with all May throws at you. Grief challenges everyday activities and takes the sleep we so deparately need. Take care of yourself.

Mystic Quilter said...

You have a darling daughter Diane, a precious gift. Do hope that tomorrow will be another day and a little easier for you.

Cjsmimi said...

Donut self-medication? I love that one. I'll have to remember it. It is a difficult month for you, I know, but also it is so beautiful with flowers and birds, and baby birds, too. Thinking of you often...