Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tomorrow's Gentle Mother's Day

A Sunday Sorry was I made a list.
In such a short time, I did what should have been done forever ago.
I tacked pins on the back of these adorable hand made circles that
my girl brought home from her honeymoon in Thailand.
I took from the water..the herb rootings that I had started.
Voila new Rosemary plants.  The cuttings took two weeks to root in distilled water.
So worth it.

Outside I planted the Basil...but not before I put a few twigs in water
for more plants.
My mother's 40 year old bird planter on the shelf in my bathroom
I dropped off bags at the Goodwill
I went to a meeting.
I organized the children's cubbies
I did some laundry.
Then I used my left arm to pull out the laundry and hurt my arm.
The big Doc said not to use that arm for two more months.
It is easy to forget when there is no pain in the arm.
Sigh...there is now...always learning the hard way.!!!

I had thought that Mother's Day did not matter.
I am old and have had many nice Mother's Days.
Tonight I know that it matters..... to me.
My mother was a dear friend.
In 2014..I lost her.
May 4th, she fell out of her wheelchair and broke her neck
May 5th she and Morphine danced at her 93rd birthday party at the assisted living.
May 9th she died, with me beside her.
May 12th is Mother's Day. and so on...
This is not about her...for she had Parkinson's and was ready to go.
Actually being gone in a week was just her style..
I am grateful.

It is about loss.
It is about how one loss reminds us of all the other losses.
It is about just too many days in May...triggering sadness.

For if my darling Mr. O'Quilts were here...we would go on a drive in the country with a picnic.
We would celebrate surviving parenthood.
We would have each other. We would hug.
We would be proud that our children were living their own lives.
Alas, life does not listen to us.,,or to me anyway.
The grandchildren have gone to spend the weekend with their own mother.
As it should be.
I bought myself my favorite flowers.
I was going to treat myself with chocolate ice cream.
I thought better of it.
Guess my mother is watching after all.
She is wondering if I remember what she taught me.
When you are feeling sorry for yourself....
Do something nice for someone else..
So I am starting a purple quilt for a friend just diagnosed with cancer.
She loves purple...

Someone told me this:
I have not checked it out yet.
Shoppers 60 and older get 20% off of their total purchase.


Karaquilts said...

I am wishing you a bushel of happy Mother's Day memories ~ ~ memories of your own dear Mama, memories of your own young children, memories of Sunday drives with a picnic in tow ~ ~ ~ and memories of sweet little grans loving you in their unique little ways.

And memories of beautiful quilts created and shared, or loved at home ~ ~ with dreams of even more quilts to come.

Joann's ~ ~ the last I knew they occasionally have 20% discounts for us senior folk ~ ~ not even monthly. If that has changed, how wonderful it would be!

Special hugs for today!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Thats quite a list! Its lovely to see you bought yourself some flowers, Sunflowers really are special.