Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beating the cancer with a pillowcase or two

Here we go again...another sick friend.
She has colon cancer and her husband has prostate cancer.
They are only in their early 50's
She has her surgery next week.
My friend is a purple Everything 
she has is purple..

The two finished  pillowcases I made to cheer her recovery.
Pillowcases and potholders...are all I can control in this world!!

At night when I cannot sleep;;;;
I get sooo jealous....of Stitch....
Without a care in the world..
So...showing off on my lap in the recliner..

 What to do???
I tell myself.....
Oh, Yeah!!

Took Mr.O'Quilt's death certificate to
the new Spectrum, They bought out Time-Warner.
In order to take my man off the account...cough..I had been asking for two years.
They had to open a new account..and give me 4 new boxes to assemble.
They took joints ached and so did my heart.
With tears in my eyes and my soul...I had to be walked to the car with the new equipment.
Dear Drenna and Dear Sherry...installed  it all tonight.
What would I do without friends!!!!

I am now preparing for Monday's SSSSSS (Sherry's second, super, special, sizzling, sewing, circle)
Lunch at Chuy's..
No wonder I cannot lose weight.
AH, but I have so much fun.


Rhonda said...

You are a wonderful friend. Your girlfriend will love those pillowcases. As for sleeping, I go thru periods of not sleeping too. It's frustrating because I can't sew at night. My eye sight isn't good at night so I channel surf....boring...sigh!!!!

Karaquilts said...

The older I get the more I hate chores!!! Been doing them for too many years! Even heart-aching/breaking ones. Glad you were able to cross a big one off of your list and that you had friends to share the load.

and the pillowcases are great! Yes, we can sort of control pillowcases and pot holders. and that's about it. But what fun we can have with them. Hats off to you for your generous thoughtful gifts.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Love the purple fabric, showing you care in a practical but colourful way. Your meals out sound like great fun.