Friday, May 26, 2017


I am in such despair during the month of May

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How do I cope??
In crazy ways..

Help needed:
Last night I ate the rest of the children's Oreo mint cookies.
I asked Aunt Brandy to buy them more ...sending money.
Cuz...if I do...guess what will happen....??
I have so turned into my mother.

Help needed:
I had a picture  of a woman quilting on a tractor.
I had a picture of a woman quilting with her tiny machine on the glove compartment
cover of a car.  I want to re-post these but cannot find them...Will you send them to me
if  you find them?  thx

Friends...thank  you for hanging with me..
Joyce Carol Oates....reflecting on the passing of her husband.
The only thing that you can expect of yourself during the first year of grief.
Is to be able to say that you are still alive.


Mystic Quilter said...

I've said before, and will say again that I think you are marvellous in coping with all that you have had to deal with and are still dealing with. So what if you eat the Oreo mint cookies, we all need some indulgences and an escape at times, I love chocolate biscuits and I buy more fabric, then I feel bad or I should say I used to feel bad but not any more!

Karaquilts said...

And you, Dear Woman Friend, have shed more light on ALS than anyone else I know ~ ~ and I do know people who have suffered with and lost beloved family members to ALS. Your public laments and factoids have educated so many of us. That's a very good thing. We contribute best to what we know. And we also weep with you for the horrible losses you (and all of us) have suffered.

And FABRIC, food (well, chocolate) always helps us cope. Or at least it seems to help us cope, so we continue persevering in our quest to own more and more and more and more colors and textures and designs!!!! while we munch down whatever chocolate we can find. Children should not have chocolate at home!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Sending hugs!!