Monday, May 8, 2017

O' Whimsey

The result of two quilting outings
HSTs at Cheraw and at Queen Bee today
Not my colors...but these are from a layer cake
plus a few cuts of my own.
I think it is pale, but whimsy.
 It is fun to work with HSTs and so easy to do.

 Lynsey's new Newborn Reborn baby.
It fits into her backpack.
Putting  yogurt  with sweet potato to make baby poop
OMG...that girl loves her dolls.
She and I ordered it online...She learned to text.
She texted her mother if she would pay half of the $22
Mommy said yes, and Lynsey put her saved allowance for the rest.
Oh, the lessons.  Oh, the excitement when it came from China!!!

Kathylynn and her quilt...Stunning
Ellen and her wonky nine patch
Evan doing community service for a poor choice.
Cough cough
Weeding by the flagpole.
It never looked so good.
When he told me how easy and fun that was, I said...
So trying to be steady ...Hip pain so not nice.
Emotions all crazy with May grief...
Did I say...all crazy
It is one of those days...feeling ugly and stupid and old and  crazy.
Tomorrow brings a better day,
Actually, Evan is cheering me now by making potholders for his teachers.
Only three weeks left....gotta start now.
He asked all his teachers what they love.
Some of it was posted online on their sites.
He has a music one, sports ones, math ones
He has wonderful teachers at a prize winning school
We are so lucky.
Feeling better all ready.


ES said...

The pot holders will be gratefully received, it's so great that he can sew!!

Cjsmimi said...

Wow, wow...what a post. So much is going on. I love half square triangles, too. Easy and with imagination you can do SO MUCH with them! Love the dolly, the friend's quilts, the service, too! Yay Evan. Great potholders! This may be how Michael Kors started out...sewing, then designing, then a "label"! You never've planted a seed.

Love and blessings, dear friend

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love your subtle quilt and the pot holders will be appreciated for the time and effort to make a personal gift. So pleased the doll has arrived safely.