Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom....ALS Awareness Month

Happy Birthday Mom..
I miss you so.
You always loved that Cinco de Mayo was your birthday.
Even your cat Sunny loved it so.
So  here you are...character that you were drinking wine on a lunch bunch outing.
You had just told me that  you had told the staff that your girls were too busy to visit.
Really???  And then I find this in the newspaper  of you doing the town at the winery.

Parkinson's disease did not allow a broken neck to survive
Cinco de Mayo  2014...She danced at her party and died 4 days later.

Next in the neurological department of our  family:
ALS awareness month
ALS sucked the life out of all of  us.
Easter 2015  Ten days  later he was dead. It was 10 months after my mother died.
My love...stolen by ALS
He was so brave.
I love you so
His diagnosis day was in May..23 rd.  He lasted 22 months.
My friend Rhonda died this morning..
May Day May Day


Alcea Rosea 31 said...


Cjsmimi said...

Thinking of you at sad time.

Thank you for sharing a photo of your mother. I have heard so much about her and now I have a face to attach to the stories. She even looks spunky and fun. I so wish that I had met her. <3

Karaquilts said...

I appreciate that you share your precious memories ~ ~ You have given us new people to treasure as well. I am so sad for you for each of their losses ~ ~ and now Rhonda, too. May you also have beautiful memories of her to walk the hard days with you. I'm glad you got to see her this past week. Extra hugs for this day.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thinking of you Diane, these birthdays and anniversaries of heartbreaking times in our lives are overwhelming.