Sunday, May 7, 2017

Solids and Me

This weekend was one of sleep and reading.
I finished this top.
I love it so.
 Told myself to work in solids.
Myself listened.
I slept all weekend.  I do not know why I am so very exhausted.
Cinco de Mayo party helped with the grief.
Made the cake for me ma's birthday.
Beautiful weather in the Carolinas...reading outside always brings peace.
Now..the upcoming week brings two different school meetings for 
two different children.
It brings Rhonda's funeral...she was only 51.
Friday's visit with the ortho...He celebrated the shoulder and the great range of motion.
Pleased that the new knee and new shoulder were in excellent shape.
He said 4 to 6  months..
Then he said I had a skin cancer on my leg.
He said that he would do my hip as soon as I could handle it.
He said that we must face reality, the hip has to be done.
My mother and I way preferred fantasy.
And so it goes..So happy I can sew.

My bottle of pain medication is missing.
Last time I saw it on the edge of my sink, was Wednesday night.
My son has not been here..I am relieved.
I am praying and praying that it just appears..
No blame, no shame..
I am going back to bed..


Ellen Guerrant said...

Love your new piece, Diane. Can't wait to see it. Can't wait to see you!

So glad your shoulder is healing so well. Not happy about the other diagnosis! Hope it can be taken care of quickly and without fuss.


ES said...

Nice quilt:)

Barb said...

really nice solid Quilt!

Karaquilts said...

The quilt is perfect! Did you use charms or layer cakes? Its most refreshing in its balance of color. And the border is the just-right wrap it up touch.

I'm glad for your good doctor visit ~ ~ I say stay in fantasy as long as you possibly can, and then buck it up when you have to. I do well with fantasy and denial, but have discovered I can do whatever HAS to be done, but not until it HAS to be!!! Otherwise, why think about it?

Success with your school visits this week. and the missing bottle. Hmmm.

smazoochie said...

Your new quilt is joyful! Well sewn -- and I'm so pleased you are sewing again.
Goodness, Mrs. O'Q! Another joint replacement! Well, we are all in your corner.
Hope the meds turn up soon.

Mystic Quilter said...

Diane, your beautiful solid colour quilt has me itching to pull out my basket of solids and make a start on yet another project! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis from the specialist, what are they doing about the skin cancer? I hope you find the strength to get through the funeral for Rhonda and do hope you found your pain meds - no fun coping with all that pain.