Thursday, May 25, 2017

News You Can Use...or Not...Stories Galore....

When Mrs. O'Quilts feels sad and blue and misses Himself...
Friends pop out of the woodwork!!
Terri Feehan....
Quilted three of my quilts cuz she is my friend and she knows I cannot use my shoulder to quilt until July.  She is an awesome longarmer...I am so grateful
These quilts had been sitting around forever.

backing for above quilt

She also makes cool necklaces from lacy yarn.  She gave me a turquoise one for Christmas,
That of course was not enough...I asked for a red one too.

My girl called today..
She was on her way to to the Bear Canister.
Of course Mommy thought that that was the name of a bar or cafe
No, no Mommy...My girl and her man are going camping this weekend
to the Olympia Peninsula...?  I think!!
And the bear canister was for their food in bear country!
OMG  Something else to worry about..
Eaten by a bear...No No..I have enough...already!

                    This is the best one ever, IMHO                       
Jean  brought show and tell...two UFO quilts she was working on.

 Yesterday's news....
Bravo my darlings.
Steph was sick at home.
Asthma and fatigue were visiting me..
Evan trying like mad to make up a semester of middle one week.
The kids got it together..
Evan took them into the grocery store while I sat in my car by the curb.
They  ordered one large sub...Evan had the man cut  it into 3 pieces.
They bought two ice creams for $6..they checked out with my VIC card number.
They did not fight.
They co-operated on choices.
Once at home they told Grandma to chill, that they had it together.
Evan put up a table in the bonus room for their dinner.
The boys did video games, Lynsey watched TV.
No homework tonight as EOGs start manana
All was well..actually...all was just perfect in the O;Quilts household.
Grandma sooo proud.

Stopped in at Lowe' visit their "distressed " plant trolleys...McMullen Creek.
 There were three aisles..$1 and $3 and $5
I loaded up on the $1 when a lady shopping told me:
The sale today is...$5 a cart..all prices included...OMG
These two tables full of treats all for 5$
I just have to cut off the dead leaves..
So fun.   My son and I had a lovely lunch today.
He is so delightful when he is clean.
He did some yard work for me.
A very  happy O'Quilts day!!


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Nice quilt finishes, plants, and time with grandkids! So nice that you could enjoy good time with your son.

Cotton Farmer said...

Oh, happy day! Love the quilts and plants, but even more, I love the good news from the grands and your adult children! I'm visiting my younger twins this weekend. Helping one get started on another quilt for a friend ��. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cotton Farmer said...

Diane, you can see I'm back as Cotton Farmer. Goodness, me and my password problems!

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely to read that you had a good day and a happy visit with your son over lunch. The grandchildren sound to be real sweeties, looking after things for you and being organised. Sending email tomorrow.