Friday, October 6, 2017

Grandma O'Quilts Rides Again

I have been cleaning!!!  Not sewing...
It has been taking forever in order to put everything in its place!!

Eithne....look what I found after 3 years lost!!!!!!!
Whenever I look for my comfy quilt made from Mr.O'Quilt's shirts,
 it is wrapped around Evan..
It is batted with nice.
Just now I dug out some of the scraps..
I think I will make him his own for Christmas.
After all, cleaning is so overrated.
 Of course, my clean sewing room.....did not last....
Evan and Dylan at 6:30 am making Mickey Mouse waffles.
before the school bus comes..
Evidently the boys feel work is done best from a sitting position
Lynsey doing her homework online on Spelling City

Pain and exhaustion have their way of changing perspective.
Yesterday, my mind's eye had me dying..there was no hope of  hip recovery nor grief recovery.
Today, after a nice sleep and  lunch out with a friend,
I am alive, and liking it...OMG 
Advocating in the schools for my AD/HD grandchildren.
Seventh grade is the worst.
Evan has announced that he is stupid, that he no longer cares if he is failing.
He is failing because he forgets to turn in his homework.
He has given up and it is only the second month of school.
I will find the way to afford a tutor....if it is just for organizational skills..
His medication has been doubled.

My deteriorating joint disease continues.
As I recover, slowly from the hip operation, the other hip and knee are starting to hurt....
I cannot bear this..
I will not think of this
I will only think of today.

The children have left for the weekend.
I am here with the animals
Reading on the deck, a Maisie Dobbs mystery..relaxing.
Of course, at my age, I need large print books, which limits my choices.
It is so nice to be.....
Looking up at the 20 some 100 foot pine trees whispering to me in my yard.
They are older than I am...I think??  I hope??

I see the huge Gardenia bush carried as a slip from the now gone,
 Great Aunt Carl in Greenville, Alabama.
My husband's roses blooming still in October while
the colorful autumn leaves and acorns continue to fall

In the field next door are deer families.
Our Zoe lets them know that she is here.

I am in the clean corner of my sewing room.....
 peaceful and content, even though,
 I am regretting telling my sister to stop bringing me candy corn....


Barb said...

Wow great job cleaning and getting organized.
enjoy your quiet time this weekend

Karaquilts said...

Oh how fun to be so organized and clean and ready to tackle something new!! Its about the best inspiration for quilting when I have space to sort and stack and display all of my ideas!!! Wishing you a quiet and restful weekend of renewal ~ ~

Bridget said...

So glad you have some respite on this weekend. I taught 7th grade and yes, it was hard, especially for the boys. Juggling multiple classes, moving from room to room, lockers, it is all just so much for a kid to adjust to. A tutor is a good idea, or someone who can help him keep track of assignments and helps him to put the assignment in his backpack. Even so, I still remember parents who said, "You mean he didn't turn that in? I saw him put it in his back pack. Some way, some how, those assignments just get lost. I outgrew the worst of my ADHD around 11th grade, but still struggle with being organized. PS-Your sewing room looks a lot tidier than mine does! Keep up the good work!