Wednesday, November 21, 2018

And So the Season Begins

My son is cooking...sweet potatoes mashed and ready
stuffing made and ready...He went off to Aldi
for missing onions and ice cream.
No onions and no potatoes left at Aldi!!
None at all..
From scrap oilcloth pieces comes a new recorder case for Lynsey
She supervised as the machine zigzagged the scraps together.
It has a small handle and Velcro inside.
Lynsey's lesson...we do not buy what we can make ourselves!!
Thank you Linda for the adorable scraps below!!
 Feeling energetic on my newly found Prozac, I headed off to JoAnn's
Black Friday sale.
I mean Black Wednesday sale.
No crowds and flannel for $2.06 a yard.
There were hundreds of bolts, but I was prudent..
Pillowcases for gifts..maybe even jammie bottoms for Lynsey and her doll to match.

.I had a car accident/incident yesterday.
They blamed me as I was changing lanes.
I say that the kid was changing lanes too and
drove up beside me fast on the right..(no one hurt)
His mirror...BMW went missing.
I say he is 17 and inexperienced.
He says I am 70 and an old lady
Jeeze Louize

I hope it was not me.
I hope I am not losing my mind..
I took two days worth of meds in one day last week and
totally wigged out.
I took the children for their flu shots
and left the keys in the car and the car running.
I used to be perfect, but no one remembers that at all..
But me!!
Guess there might be a tiny bit of stress around here.

That being said...The day was lovely ...leaves of all colors.
with Carolina blue skies..
Gratitude abounds.
Mr O'Quilts for sure is taking care of our Eamon.
There is warmth in my soul.

A peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my friends.

Humble Quilts


livelymonkey said...

The happiest Thanksgiving to you and all your family! What a handsome son you have!!

Unknown said...

Diane, I am grateful for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving!
Glad you found some Prozac too. Love Peggy

Cathy Cartledge said...

My son Julian met a friend of mine, Louise when he was in his late teens. He introduced himself and humoursly said, "I assumed that you are Jesus's sister and I'm sorry for you that he got all the attention, I know how you feel, Jeeze Louize what can you do?"
Random. But, Diane I freaking love the phrase.

myrtovl said...

Happy Thangsgiving dear Diane, so lucky to have such a great helper!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both, I am pleased you weren't injured in the prang/altercation. We only have overtaking on one side in the U.K. I don' think I could cope with looking in both side mirrors and rear view mirror at the same time. I love Lyndsey's recorder case. Enjoy your turkey.

Sujata Shah said...

Dear Diane, I am glad you had a lovely thanksgiving with your son. While driving that is my biggest fear - Two cars changing lanes at the same time. So glad you are okay.