Thursday, January 23, 2020

A High Beam Kind of Day

I used to think that this was an invasion...but, now that I am better, I see it as comfort.
I am tidying up and they are helping each other on this computer building program.
Today is my son's 35th birthday...Evan made the cake, he used some of his Santa stocking chocolate sprinkles on it and buried Oreos in the bottom.  Can you believe that my son ordered pre-made canned frosting from the store, instead of my yummy homemade kind...OMG
Lynsey wrapped the presents...6 shirts in different colors...on sale for $4 each at Walmart...and it was still fun.  All the children, on their own with no prodding, made cards saying the things they loved about their father...A great birthday party.
My son had a very hard , frustrating day today...
Love on his birthday helped him a lot.
Thank you Kathy-Lynn for the tulips...I just love tulips.
I just heard that the Quilt show coming up in March is looking for barn stars
for a barn star section...Glad mine is not yet up on the barn!!!!
And January and every day if you want...

One more week of January...I am hoping to get in another quilty finish..So making up for lost time.
Problema:   I cannot find the pattern directions for my bag...Looking for that, I found this instead.
Another story of my life.
In 1969 I was living in New York City, working for the airlines...I loved it.  Walking toward Macy's on the upper east side, I stopped in Alexander's Department Store...There I found two of these.
 On sale, of course.
I see on the label, that they are by Gloria Vanderbilt.  Tonight I put a strap on one of them, in order to carry some sewing supplies..
That year I had just graduated from college, a quick 3 year stint..,I was ready for the big world.
I have never been good at math...but me thinks that this is now 51 years old...vintage...ha!!

Just found the bag instructions, but I think it is a bit late to start.
The rains are coming in tonight, again.
Lynsey and I will be crafting tomorrow.
Saturday, she has sewing lessons and I have MQG sit and sew
The boys will be at their mother's

We are down to one car again....ugh...My son needs another cheap car;  This is so ongoing.
Meantime we have to share. Hopefully, that will be short term.

It is a new,crazy way of living to only have money for a $3,000 car...which then breaks and he needs another $3,000 car..Sigh..stress is so upon me.
An organization we love gave a year membership for the children..
I am so grateful...kind and generous hearts...
I have delightfully determined this to be a very good day.

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Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read of your car troubles but good to read about the birthday party for your son!