Saturday, January 11, 2020

Good Things

Last night little L helped me select a quilt for my bedroom wall.
I had not seen this improv piece in awhile. All made from scraps
I was delighted she chose it for me....
Now, the same girl has finished her pillowcase at her sewing lessons with Tawney.
She is thrilled!!! Upcoming Saturday, she will be coming to Guild Sit and Sew with
her friend from Sewing class...My heart...Oh, my heart.
I went to the doctor and the doctor said....
No, you are not having heart problems...Your heart is fine.
Maybe you have anxiety????
No you are not having BP problems, there is a good pulse in your
ankles and your BP is fine..
Your feet are cold because of aging...UGH
Keep your feet up and buy wool socks..
I went right home and ordered online...In my amazing world,
 these yummy wool socks were delivered, today...
I told my doctor that I was a bit lightheaded when I first got up in the morning.
She said...same as cold feet...that happens as we age...
WE, ha ha..She is 37.
She said, sit up slowly, say five gratitudes and you will be fine.

My nerves are calmed by the morning light,
By my support system, my wonderful doctor 
and my sewing machine!!

(My son, doing rug shampoo is a great thing too!!!)

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Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

You had me giggling. Love your little poem and your aging problems. Well, you know, not really that you have problems, just that you sort of don't have problems. And she's 37!
Sometimes (though not often) I'd like to live to see how things turn out for young people as they age. But I already know the answer.
Have a wonderful 2020!