Friday, January 31, 2020

So Not a Potholder Post

When Eamon came out the other night with "potholders" from the garage.
This is what he was talking about: 3 UFO's left by my daughter.
Some were together and some I put together.
Spiderweb block..maybe a beginning to a medallion quilt?
Hour glass...almost all ready, guess Em tired of it....
AMH disappearing nine patch...I put the blocks together..
Thursday night Dylan and I spent alone...Sewing time.
He learned to make bobbins!!!! Here he is picking out colors.
A fast learner...and he loved it..When can we make more, Grandma????
ANYTIME dear Dylan....anytime.. He turns 10 in a few weeks...I want him to know sewing before he gets older...His brother stopped sewing in 7th grade.
In one sitting...Thank you Dylan
Wednesday night work by Carol
Wednesday night show and tell by Kathylynn
Marie's monkey quilt.
Here it is again...Granddaddy's beloved chair.
I tried to get rid of it, but oh, no...Now it has been moved right into the living room.
Grandma!!!!  You cannot get rid of Granddaddy's chair....!!!!
In looking for one the last parts for my linen bag...
I found clothes of mine from Guatemala...Let me tell you my hippie days and my movie star days are way over!!! Yet, I have kept these for like 40 years...I bought a chair cover for $15 on Zulily. Now, I am going to cover that cover with my Guatemala fabric, patchwork style...Lets see how that goes...
Again...while looking for X comes Y.
I found a rustic fat quarter pack or two from an estate sale...maybe 2 years ago.

Lunch today with good friends at The New Zealand interesting sushi/ tempura place.
Of course I needed to be picked up because :
I HAVE NO CAR!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I get the car...taking Lynsey to sewing class and then errands with the girl.
Her birthday is coming up soon.  She has asked for exercise clothes?????
Exercise is quite foreign to this grandma...but, OK
Girls don't wear dresses any more Grandma, and I want to run track.
Fifth grade and almost 11.

PS  Stitch and Boo would like to share the news:
The O'Quilt family has mice.
Who is excited now????
Stay tuned.


Ellen Guerrant said...

Love your posts, dear friend. I love watching your grands growing up.

Shasta Matova said...

That is really smart to teach a child to fill a bobbin. Less work for you, and you don't have to worry about the needle!