Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Good and the Bad and the Just OK..

Last night's bowl...
The fabric part of the bowl is from this:
There is just enough contrast to make a difference.
Tonight I started this one. I had to stop.  My wonderful machine is in
the shop for cleaning and I am beside myself. This alternate one is so loud.
Cannot justify keeping my son awake, just to calm my soul
Tonight I went to a grown up...Not quite.
Without the dear Mister, my son and the kids had to take me, as I no
longer dare drive in the dark.. Good sports driving all the way out there.
The catch is when they all had to come back and get me as well....
Everyone was crabby as it was way past their bed time.
My son struggles sometimes when the children are disrespectful and overtired.
I do not like to inconvenience my family like this....still.....

So...good:  my son was willing to do all the driving tonight for his mother.
Good, today, Lynsey had her first sewing lesson with Tawney...She loved it!!!
Good news, I was able to take a lovely  nap. Good news:  Rope bowls relax me.

Not so good, I have tremors in my hands now...and I dropped my snack plate twice at the party.
Not so fatigue and irritability.
The engine light on my old car keeps coming on, but my son was able to fix it.

Not so good, the old widow alone amongst her couple friends...
The very good...reconnecting with old friends..
The also starts back again Monday.


Connie said...

I always enjoy seeing your bowls, they are beautiful. All the chances that come with growing older . . . health problems, loosing loved ones, and being the odd one out when everyone else is part of a couple, among so many other things . . . Well they stink, but that's where we have to be strong. Sharing with others can be helpful for you and for the rest of us too. Life's is hard, but we are in this boat together. The sisterhood of senior women. I enjoyed reading your post . . . We need to be aware and to help one another. God bless you.

livelymonkey said...

Happy New Year Diane! Love each bowl more and more with each one!
Sounds like you’re doing great. All good things to you in the New Year .

Mary said...

Your rope bowls are beautiful. I am grateful your son was willing to drive you to your party. Reconnecting with friends is always a good thing. Hoping your tremors leave and your machine returns in short order.