Friday, January 3, 2020


Monthly color challenge....
Sooo fun..Join in my friends.

Hmm, not enough about these:
I will make another yellow block...solid with Kaffe's shot cotton.
It really is not due until the end of the month.
After Christmas sales?????

I was so sure I would not buy any after Christmas sales...but...$1 bag of bells can be used 24/7
And $3 fabric for next year's holiday potholders.
$7 is not bad for a little shopping fun.
Speaking of
This arrived today.!!!
My heart refuses to make a rope bowl until at least one of the five
imminent projects has been finished...
More distraction
Just so you know this girl is going to middle school in 8 months.
A big thanks to Bella for the skating invitation!!
Other distractions:
Level 526 with Wordscapes on my phone...
Freecell and blogs on my computer..
Reading the painful book

Finally...I have started:  Here we have American Girl Doll, Carlos with his quilt
I just made the binding.
I remember Great-Aunt Carl being mad at me for not being able to
repair this quilt...really, she had no idea of what a horse barn could do to fabric..
I do think she would be pleased now,if she could see Carlos so happy.
A piece of Civil War Repro fabric fit the bill for the binding. the rope bowl......stay tuned.

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Cheryl said...

Great after Xmas sales, I really like the Hanukkah fabric.