Monday, January 13, 2020

Bee Monday, and More

The first Queen Bee Sit and Sew of 2020
Lucky me had it at my house on a rainy, rainy day..
Seven of us..laughing away.
Above quilt, blue and yellow large snowball lapquilt.
All quilted today...I just need to self bind it tomorrow...and DONE!!
Isabella had a birthday party.....inviting Lynsey...
This present is a week or so late....but I think she will love it!!
The inside and pocket of the Isabella bag

Supervision.....Stitch adoring the Shamrocks I am auditioning for the bag handles..
Since my doctor's visit the other day...I am even more aware that I am no
longer  40...ok...50...60?? Last night I ordered a sock fitter from Amazon for $8.
I already have one, but I lost it.  Now the old lady can put on her own socks!!!!
Sometimes... It is nice to be waited on...😀😀
Lately, when grief comes rolling in again,.. I start  to miss my grandmother too..
She always lived with us...We were best friends...Here she is playing canasta...
She was such a card fanatic..
Grandma was born in 1896 and died in 1996.
Now it is 2020.. Where did time go????
That was 24 years ago??? I was 48 when I lost my clear minded
very smart grandma....This is the one who taught us to sew.
And, so it goes....more rain tomorrow...more sewing and sleeping.
Because I can no longer afford our Stephanie...I have to be on bus duty
and child pick up duty for after school much for the pool for me.
Just for today, it all is good!!


Mystic Quilter said...

Great finish for the Blue and Yellow snowball quilt. Sorry to hear you are now on bus duty, is this every day Diane?

Kaja said...

That's a pretty, cheerful finish - lovely for this wet and windy time of year.