Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Sewing Day and a Sewing Night

On the 25th day of January,  a true friend gave to me....
a pair of hand knitted wool socks.for an infant.  
I might just put them on my design wall to admire.
They are art!!!
She made these to sell in the boutique of the Charlotte Quilt Show in March.
But, I got a gift of one , crazy colors and beautiful work...
Linda's intricate knitted shawl.

A great day today sewing with friends at the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Sit and Sew.
I did nothing creative....just four patches for my parts department..
Lynsey had sewing lessons with Tawney today.  She and Ginny finished their monsters.
Lynsey made hers in flannel to be cuddly...My guess is that she will share it with her little sister.
A gifted swatch for a potholder.
Home now, making binding.
In my exuberance, I cut too much off this sweatshirt.
I cut off the bottom too...ugh...Well..another chance for a
design challenge, said Patti!!
Indeed, I do not have a serger, so I used two stitches on my machine that I had never before finish that bottom bit.  That was interesting...
I am watching the evening news against my better judgment...
Avoiding making this bag...
Well I got sick of the news: murders, car accidents...ugh.
Soooo...I did the next step on this bag.
When I am finished, I will just throw away the pattern...
This linen bag may turn out OK...but not worth the work.
Tomorrow is a day of rest...

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Bridget said...

I am making 4 patches, too! Plaids from my dad's shirts. Finally felt like it was time to cut into them. Sorry I haven't commented or blogged. It will get there.