Friday, May 13, 2022

Changes A-Comin'

 Three years ago on Mother's Day, my son brought me this.....Lisa???  Not only has it bloomed again, but evidently a seed  has spread to  another random pot.

See how love spreads!!

In our backyard, neighborhood kids...teenagers!!! OMG

Last night we signed papers for the children to live with their mother starting June 8, the last day of school.

Today, I went to the pool, to Goodwill and to the grocery store and took a nap

Such a very lazy grandmother!!

Mesh Bags for Organizing

I bought two sets, I  love them so!! Planning on making an Easter 16 patch....some day....The strips are already cut now for mindless sewing when I have friends visiting.

Stitch is pouting.  He knows, I think, that he will be moving to the cornfields of Union County with Lynsey soon.
Cry, Grandma, cry!!!

Thanks  to a little help from my friends...I have been able to start assembling this Patriotic top.
What a wonderful day!! My mind is  non=stop thinking...about this and that....Trying to downsize all my belongings...not my five sewing machines of course; not my 5 irons...ooops...I just dropped one on the floor and all the insides came out...Now...all my four irons!!

I tried to contact you  Mary, but the link was invalid  and came back to me..


Linda Swanekamp said...

The foxglove is gorgeous. It is a biennial so as long as it keeps seeding, you get blooms. I hope the kids' mom knows how lucky she is and that the kids do well. Keep moving and give Pearl eviction papers.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The pool, Goodwill and grocery store doesn't sound lazy to me. I would need a nap too after that. In fact I take a short nap every day.
I love your Foxglove. I only tried growing them once and when it died I didn't replace it.