Monday, January 9, 2023

A Newish Day

 My apartment is quite small.  One bedroom and a living space with no  sofa and no dining room table, etc.  I have four rolling chairs for the different machines and the computer.  I have two standing sewing machines and both walls of the main room are lined with bookshelves, stuffed with fabric.  There are marvelous windows by the machines and wonderful lighting. I have designed my rooms with eccentricity to reflect my personality.  When friends come to visit I need a bit more flexible seating.  I bought 4 folding chairs online. They came today.  Each chair was heavily discounted because it was orange.  Wahoo!!!!!! Two are by the fridge and two more are in my "cage", a storage unit that comes with my room.

Lynsey leaving our sleepover....My dear girl is a teenager...can you tell???
Re-purposing:  These are waterproof chair pads.  When my grandchildren were young and my mother was old with Parkinson's. we had some chair wetting, bed wetting, food spilling, animal hair, etc.
At Walmart I purchased a double/ or  twin mattress protector.( a felted  kind)  I cut into fourths for wheelchair pads, bed pads, spill pads, etc.  The  other day, I found a few left.  I was going to dump them, but hesitated...Instead, I have covered them.  I am working on this one tonight.  I see that  the plain white pad  has a kid's name scribbled on it.....It is that  old.
You can see the pad part here:
Using 504 spray basting, I basted and ironed one side to the felted pad, then trimmed the edges. Took the next side to our laundry room and spray basted and ironed the other side. Later, I will quilt this pad in pencil lines and self bind it.  They easily go into both wash and dryer....They are good for everything...water proof and pretty; recycled and useful.

Reasons for todays blues:
Post Covid fatigue and dizziness,
My physical therapist said I have to stay on the walker instead of the cane...ruining my youthful illusions, and my very sick son  has been out of contact for months....but....self-care says:

It helps banish the blues to recycle and make something pretty.
It feels good to go into our warm swimming pool.
I have survived so far, why doubt it now??


Peter K said...

A delight to share tour blogspot again, Diane. I may have missed a one. This tender and creative pice is a joy.

Linda Swanekamp said...

We never glide in life, it is always effort and thought. That is ok, better than passive flabbiness in body and mind. Much better payoff.

Mystic Quilter said...

I think Linda S says it all Diane.