Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Lovin' the Process

Fabric helps soo much with my attitude adjustment. There is a man across my aisle who feeds my jealousy.  He can walk, he can run up and down the stairs, he sings in the choir....

He is 92..I am 75..on a freaking walker.  I can do none of the above.

When I complained to him my jealousy and difficulty with the aging process, he said, too bad.  OMG, thus I need the attitude adjustment.  Three Little Birds, Bob Marley

After OT and lunch, I grabbed this to finish.  The wiggle stitch is so much faster, plus the African fabric below has natural lines to follow.
The one below is like 20  years old.  I see it has velcro on it for my mother's wheelchair cushion.
This one is also from my mother
I had made one with Blah, Blah on it...totally worn out...she loved it.
Tonight, during my Zooms, I am going to do the applique for Samson's quilt...Gotta get that sent off.  The baby is already 4 months old.

I am going to strip the leftover African fabric for more potholders. There was a birthday here today, I clipped a  potholder on her door...anonymously....totally fun.

Holy Mother

The Buzz of the Dragon ( a reposting of my life) on my blog.

And so it goes...My missing son wears on me...oxox

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