Sunday, January 8, 2023

That Covid...UGH!!

Damn Covid!!! 

Friday was an OT day. I was so happy to catch up with my OT and have my heat and shoulder nerves rubbed.  She stopped me.  She repeated  her O2 testing, and pulse, etc.  She said I was weaker due to Covid.  I was released as no longer contagious on December 9th.... almost a month ago. Dizziness returned, lightheadedness returned...UGH.  My day was so ruined from lingering  effects of Covid and Covid  fatigue.  I was shocked by my reaction once I started doing a few minor exercises...shocked.  Even a bit of shortness of breathe...Jeeze Louize!

Well, not ruined., just marred a bit..Friends and I basted Christine's quilt.  We drove to AAA sewing where my machine was cleaned and ready to go home. We laughed and chatted just like old times.However, I am now supposed to rest....again..

.Here we are in Matthew's Glen's new art room.  So wonderful to be back in the sewing way with friends.

EJ's special holiday gift:

Mac Barnes  A  brilliant Quilter/Textile Artist had his aunts, uncles and cousins draw a flower on a sweatshirt for his grandmother for Christmas.  She lives down the hall from me.. On the sleeves are the words, "Every Grandma needs a flower garden of her own."

He put these flower designs into his Cricut machine.  He cut out the designs and then applied them to a sweat shirt. It is really lovely.

Cousin Ann gave me another star year with The Quilt Show.  During Challenging times, watching some of these quilting shows is very relaxing.  I love going into the homes virtually of famous quilters.

Lynsey is spending the night with me....She is so much fun.....However, the songs she played for me and the school friend stories....OMG...such a generational gap.  I am taking responsibility for this I am 75 and she is  almost 14.  We  had a great dinner here with my sister.  They helped me put away all my holiday items.  In 6 weeks Lynsey will be 14. Time is flying for sure..I am grateful she still loves her grandma!!

Glad my girl now lives with her young she explores the complexities of boys and life.
Lynsey's  nails, not Grandma's!!!!

On the subject of organizational skills.  I have none.
Trying though. In a see-through box I have put all my tissue gifts.
They are perfect small give-a-ways for folks who are so kind.

Lynsey will go back home tomorrow with her mother, for school and her family.
We are having a lovely visit..and I am a grandmother and not a mother any more.
It has only been 6 months...seems like a lifetime since caring for myself.
Life is good. xo


Linda Swanekamp said...

Just keep on moving. For every day flat on your back, it takes at least 2 to build back up. I have had some kind of respiratory virus (not covid) that wacks me about once a week flat, then goes away. Fever, then no fever. I have not taken the time to rest and recharge due to the blizzard, holidays, my mother's hospitalization, etc. and need to get on an even keel. I just love the quilt on the wall!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

See through boxes are the only way to go. Otherwise the contents could hide from us for years. Ask me how I know. I got a dozen project boxes so I can see everything and they go up on the shelves too high to put fabric on.

I'm so happy Lynsey still wants to come and have a sleepover.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm sure you have many more sleepovers to come with Lynsey, what a treat to have her stay, and look at those nails!!!
I don't think I have ever seen that delicious quilt full of colour on your wall before - when did you make this one Diane?