Friday, November 3, 2023

Halloween, Come and Gone Part I

 Too tired to post..everything hurts, especially my old feet.
The potholder above is called Falling from Grace....not that I have taken to naming my potholders now.  I have not.  Maybe it is the night or the aches..Today was good inspite of it all. Lunch out at Kabab-je with friends.

On Halloween dearest Linda brought homemade cat cookies...The best I have ever eaten...Sugar addict here, devoured them.
A few Halloween pictures:  Aoife Bat and her dog Rosie Bat!!
And the more grown up grands:
Dark and mysterious!!

Brilliant Anna MADE her witches hat...I looked it all over  and it was perfect..quilted and all....
Perfect for Perfect Anna!!

Susie at our Quiltpatch Fabric Halloween sit and sew showed her delightful Christmas star.
Quilted by our great Mary Jerz.

Above, Aoife and her daddy decided that bats hang from ceilings...hmmmm
Aoife declared....she just loves Halloween!!!
When it comes to sweets, there is nothing shy about Aoife.

And so it  goes.  Our pool has been out of wack for three days.
Maybe that is why Mrs. O'Quilts is out of wack too.
Tomorrow....another day .



Linda Swanekamp said...

I stay away the best I can from sugar. However, because of Halloween, I indulged in a lot of those bite size candies. For two days, I ache and am sore in all my joints. No more sugar, it hurts too much. Love, love the pothholder. It reminds me of a comet in orbit.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

What a bright post today! That potholder would make anybody happy. Darling little Aoife, so cute no matter what she is wearing. The other grands look like they had fun putting together their costumes.