Friday, November 17, 2023

Here I go Again

 Below is my fall door decoration...
Tonight's potholder:

Tonight's not quite finished potholder:
My oldest granddaughter....three months shy of 15.  She is writing her book.
Things are sooo much better now that she is being homeschooled and has no phone...
Yay, my girl and yay, her mother!!!!

Productive day inspite of my joint  pain.
Did my  pool exercises
Went to the library
Ate lunch and dinner with friends here at my grande dining room
Got my 
RSV shot...or RVS...etc... no pain, no sore done!!
Finished some sewing above
Now prepping for Sit and Sew tomorrow.
and lovely quilty bed.


Linda Swanekamp said...

It pains me, as a former public school teacher, that schools are such toxic places for the young these days. I left because it was toxic to me. I hope she can see beyond the nasty social attacks and cheap shots. I love to see your new work.

Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

Potholders that are amazing, grandchildren that are amazing, and spending Christmas with your daughter in Portland. Just wonderful ! I love your blog and really enjoy reading it.