Sunday, November 26, 2023

Winter Has Come to Charlotte

In Portland, Oregon, Aoife and Rosie are ready for their nightly walk. 

Warning!!! Danger!!!  
When Lynsey and I went to Aldi the other day, I bought these..
My body said NO, my lack of will power said YES!!
They were so very delicious that in just a few hours they were all gone...Amazing...
Wonder who in the world ate them???

Here is the Black Friday bargain flannel peace sign fabric for the back of a chemo quilt for my niece. .Tuesday she is having we should know more then.
Alexis is crazy about peace signs.
Potholder relaxation just never stops.  I gave 4 away today...OMG..

My latest chicken quilt is now bound.  Mary Jerz does my quilting., my arthritis refuses.
It has been sitting around my lazy bones for months now...Tonight ..all done but the thread snipping.
I really love it.  I bound it with plaid, cuz it is a country quilt.  The chickens are from Spoonflower.

Tomorrow we are going to IKEA on a field trip..
God help me.
It is cold and my body aches....a few laughs with friends should be the best cure.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Just keep moving and stretching, you will feel a lot better. I have not been to IKEA in a long time as there is not one near me. When we go, we spend a whole day. The first half looking at all the upstairs display, then eating lunch there, then the second half looking through all the kitchen and lighting stuff downstairs and then finding the items on the warehouse shelves. It is an event when we get to go. Hope you have a blast.

Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

Love your chicken quilt and Aoife is just darling standing by her doggie friend. So very sweet! Yes I feel your pain with chocolate too!