Monday, June 1, 2020

Making Something out of Nothing...

Piecing random scraps...analogy..
Sort of like...The Scraps of our Lives...
Making something from almost nothing.
I feel fury in my bones.  Trying to put a name on it, but it encompasses 
everything.  They say that when you feel overwhelmed and out of control,
do one small thing to complete...Nope...not me.
At almost midnight I am cutting out a new pattern with directional fabric.
I have at least 10 good pairs of sewing scissors....none of them are sharp..grrr
I be a fool, I see...

That aside, I am using my new weights for cutting.  
Everyone in my house is on each other's  nerves.
No focus at all...I have a million things to work on..
The kids keep missing their school Zoom meetings.
They are fighting with each other.
Tonight Lynsey cut the back yard grass and Dylan cut the front.
Under the watchful eye of their father.
The kids and I, masks on, delivered some bags of scraps and
supplies to the school art teacher's home..
Excitement there... An outing!!!!

Last night , 6 feet apart, Linda and I sat in her driveway to chat and show and tell

I am supposed to be losing weight for my hernia operation.  Planning now on skipping that operation, keeping the hernia..and eating more ice is short...they say!!
Life is also strange...and getting stranger!!
The riots last night broke windows in Discovery for children.
Dandelion's Irish pub, the banks and more...

I realize that I have only 3 out of 4 quilts done for our MQG outreach...Should start on that...
Should start on Emily's baby quilt....shoulda, shoulda, shoulda

Guess I should watch Blueprint classes, since they are going out of business.
The good news is:
My Portland grand dog has been sick...but getting much better!!

..Today is my wedding anniversary.  It would have been 40 years..
I was a very very lucky woman to have had that man!!!
Roberta Flack, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

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Michele Bilyeu said...

"The scraps of our lives!"
We certainly do live soap opera lives! Sometimes i can see through it all to the true depths of meaning and purpose but usually i just put another foot forward and try to keep walking slips and trips and all.