Monday, June 29, 2020

Way Over the Top

This is such a fun song..
I found it on  Kathy's Quilts

Me thinks that the Coronavirus is not going away anytime soon.
 Tonight I experimented with another type of mask for my son.
He is the one who goes out.

Keeping everything has been one of my favorite pass times..
The above clock wrist pincushion, I bought years and years ago at Spring's Industries in
South Carolina.
 Now, Lynsey loves it..She wears it on her wrist while sewing!!

Last night the two children came running into my sewing room with cool and awesome music video links to show me...I was aghast...The more troubling it sounded, the more upset I became.
Not going to give you a link here...but it was rap music from DaBaby.
They thought it was hilarious... Awful...My son said that this was 2020 not 1970??
I had no idea that not only were they listening to that...but they knew all the words..
Life is now over the top for me...

A bag I made for my mother from my grandmother's needlepoint.
My version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt.
I think I made if for Evan...
Yes...this Evan who turned 15 yesterday!!!
Their sister, Ava, is two.
Bed time love....Boo!!
Linda who left me the comment the other day.
Send me your email so we can chat a bit.
I do not know where you are from.
The Rail Fence quilt is
42 inches x 36 inches

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