Friday, June 5, 2020

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday's quilts.  
My "Floribunda" ,an album quilt created for our guild,
My Experiment in Solids
Disappearing nine-patch shown under my snowball tree.
Blocks in Green, with Three Stooges border

Old quilts to share today...I am so glad I took pictures.
I have no clue as to where some of these went.
Today was day 3 after my fall...swollen and bruised...
Not aging with grace. Wanting to jump up and do my thing..

Three more days of school...Talk about celebration.
Teacher thank yous this year....a mask...ha!!  Crazy Covid.

School will start 2 weeks early this upcoming August.
First week should be in person at school.
Second week will be remotely if the RNC convention stays in Charlotte.
This year...a winter vacation...from Thanksgiving to New Years.
No spring break and school over before Memorial Day.
Wow.....of course...this is the plan today...changes could come tomorrow.

I am still using the walker, because my right leg is not too strong yet...
Hurry up leg...I have things to do!!!!

My daughter is 33 weeks pregnant.
She may not like what I am making her for the baby, because
I love funky...not so sure she does...
Did I tell you...I call the baby, "Nona" !!!
Because she is a  no name baby...ha ha.

Found these cute pictures when I looked back..
Tigger ...trying out the IKEA doll bed.
Lynsey shopping at the farmer's market with us when she was four.
Now she is 11 and cooked the dinner tonight.
Nice to have happy pictures.


Peter K said...

Love the pics. Lynsey shopping and the doll bed kitty are my favs. And the 9 patch quilt! Heal soon.

Mystic Quilter said...

Such a bright showing of your quilts today Diane. Not too long to go now for your daughter, you will be so excited I'm sure. Lovely memories for you in these photographs, I think we all benefit from times looking through the years, and they go by so very quickly.