Friday, July 31, 2020

The Last Day of July

DONE...My first backpack for the CMQG outreach!!
DONE is a satisfying word!!
These backpacks are made from old jeans for strength.  We fell that a pre-school child who is homeless
might be moving around a lot.. This one has one large front pocket and a small cat pocket.
BIG Thanks to our Eve for cutting the fabric for us..

Here Goes Grandma Again....Day 9...Still exciting.
Aoife in her "I am home t-shirt"!!!!
Parents are trying for a nice birth announcement.
Aoife finds that terribly boring.

The parents keep trying...Now, Aoife questions their sanity.....Oh, my...

Ok...Grandma never gets her fill for the moment of dear Aoife....
Now I see her wearing her first bow...
I read that babies smile in the womb...It is not until 2.5 months that
the the smile means something other than reflex...still...I love it.

And little Aoife her cute swaddle.. Rose in rose in rose.
Unfortunately for her mommy and daddy, this sleep only lasted a few minutes.
My other grandchildren are still at their mother's  house..
I am sure that once home, Lynsey will insist on her share of the pictures.
The boys do not care.!!


Cherie said...

Oh what a cutie little Aoife is. Babies bring such joy don't they.

Michele Bilyeu said...

What an absolute little doll. This will be a darling birth announcement! Your masks are wonderful. And no matter what your sense of humor is still flying high! Don't let anyone or anything pull you down!