Sunday, July 26, 2020

I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends..

Aoife Rose....four days old
I have never seen my daughter so happy
Emily said that all the crazy pain and infection was so worth it.
Aoife's father refinished this old cradle from Next Door.
They have it by the sofa.
The baby is such a miracle.
She brings me such joy as I batten the doors for the storm.
The storm rages, and Pearl bangs to get it.
My son has driven up to another town to co-parent with Evan's mother.
Evan is 15, You know the rest. 
TBTG the parents are on it.

Before he left, he changed my bed sheets and put away my stack of quilts.
All with his wrist and knee hurting. I was amazed when he told me what he had done for me!!
A bit after he left, my widow group came with tons of food..
When the children come home next week..I will not have to cook all week....
This with the food Ellen and Linda brought...I had better just enjoy my life 
with feet up and my book or sewing machine.
Friends have sent encouraging emails and brought by gifts that astound me.
One of the hardest things about having the children during home schooling and quarantine is
feeding them.  They are hungry all the time....I mean....all the time.
And I am exhausted all the time.

My friends have given me such strength in the past few days, that when Pearl went to the back door
to try to break in....I was stronger...She gave up!!!

The comparison between the two is fascinating.

This grandmother must say....Aoife Rose  is a DOLL


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

A little help indeed... so nice. Helping a friend feed her grandchildren I mean what could be better? Aoife IS a doll - what a cutie, in her cradle, so precious and peaceful.

Mystic Quilter said...

You have tremendous friends Diane, I am so pleased that Pearl gave up and went home!!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh she is so beautiful! What a darling little perfect little baby. Nothing better in the whole wide world than bringing in new love to feel and to share. Love her name and everything about her. Pearl stay away! Storm stay away. 15 year old well, 15 years old. It's good his dad and mom can be there for him together. What a blessing on top of blessings. Always challenges but always blessings. So glad you have such amazing friends. Truly.