Sunday, July 12, 2020

We Just Wanna Have Fun

The good afternoon.
My outdoor chair was leaning against the screened-in porch,
When , my Boo wanted to be with.
I read and he purred...
After the reading, came the fabric puttering.
which found random, loose, marked and unmarked blocks and strips and scraps.
Too overwhelming for the AD/HD mind.
Unbelievable a marked bag...amazing that at one time, for one moment, I was organized.
This came thru on messaging this afternoon.
See....Someone I know is almost 39 weeks pregnant.
This message brought reality forward. So exciting.

Getting into late to the party.

I am having a terrible isolated Covid time.
Extroverts need people...OMG
Here working hard on reading and sewing and puttering.
Well...I will enjoy my two weeks of freedom without....fretting..!!!!
I will...I will...I will...
Even though my DIL took the children to Melbourne, Florida.

Planning to have a friend or two visit me on the porch this week
with their masks , six feet apart...No hugging and I love hugging...Sad...

Tonight was my 4th time out...Trader Joe's.
They are so safe.  A person in a mask meets you at the door, handing not only
a cleaned cart, but also a separate wipe in case you need more.
Masks are mandatory in North Carolina and Trader Joe's enforces it.
I go at 7:20 before the closing at 8.  Much fewer people, no line.
Day one of my relaxing vacation..staying in the day!!
Asparagus risotto !!!
Dark chocolate bar with almonds.

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VRooks said...

Once upon a time long long ago, Trader Joe's was my favorite place to shop for groceries. Now I continue to shelter in place working on quilting projects and doing the least amount of housework that I can get away with.