Friday, July 10, 2020

Not by the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin..or Something Like That

All about Lynsey..
 She has now completed her first quilt ever.
She made it 99% herself..Soo proud, she is.  It is for her 2 year old sister, Ava.
Her father spray  basted it for her.
As she put in her last stitch on the binding yesterday, she slowed down.
Grandma, I loved making it so much, I just do not  want it to end.. 
Music to my ears.
Online, we found the perfect puppet book to go with it.
On to finish the three meals from Just Fresh.
.Crispy Fried Chicken with Parmesan cheese, Coucous and lemon carrots.. 
( She learned about pith and zest of fruits.)  And..much more.
Yummy....She only needed help with cutting the carrots..
Lynsey insisted we needed cake for dessert.
She said that because she had been very mean to her brother on the 4th of July, she would
make his favorite kind and let him lick the frosting bowl...That is how we ended up
with the most delicious vanilla cake with our homemade lemon extract frosting.
Grandma quite grateful for Lynsey's improved compassion.
Lynsey has AD/HD like all of my grands...She struggles in school.
However, I do think she is going to be OK!!!!!
She had three days of cooking thanks to her Aunt Emily and Uncle Brian and Just Fresh.

Yesterday they left with their mother.. When they left, I cried..
I was soon over that, and on to the stunning sound of silence.
AND, a 12 hour uninterrupted sleep.
Now having such puttering fun:
The 2.5 inch blocks I found in a box...I made some relaxing 4 patches.

Things to cheer us up.

Hi Chay..Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog.
I would love your email so we could chat properly...Diane

Vickie from our online group,  Good Vibe Quilters
told me about this blog/ Utube channel....I love it!!!
Next:  Just to remember:  The following two sayings
gratitude to dear friend Chuck, for sharing these....scroll down


Chay said...

Hi Diane, my email is achay23 (at) msn (dot) com. You are most welcome for my comment. I hope we can chat via email some time. Char

Cherie said...

Those Grands of your are wonderful kids. They have such a good teacher in you don't they.