Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Convergence cuddle quilt finished

The goals of today have been met.  I have done nothing but self care all day long.  I slept in, then had a great talk with my daughter in Galway via Skype.  Did some window shopping on Fabric.com, had a nice lunch and sewed...ok, maybe some laundry.  Then I had a nice visit from my son.  Since my husband is playing tennis, I decided to finish this cuddle quilt.  I am very happy that I tried this pattern.  I think it is a bit on the strange side...maybe it would be lovely in solids like shot cottons with fancy quilting....but it is done and done with stash and February cuddle donation is finished.  As I view this post, I see that it looks better posted, or at a distance, than close up...
 I used up some old fashioned fluffy batting purchased at a garage sale. It brought me back to yesterday:)
As always, done is a wonderful word.

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