Saturday, January 28, 2012

The O'Quilt family cat, Milito, the boss

My husband does not like cats.  But, he likes me.  So for 31 years we have had cats.  He comes from the country in Ireland so he thinks animals should live outside.  I grew up in Arizona where animals were inside as part of the family.  Here is my Milito.  My husband does not like my Milito (although I notice that he feeds him every morning before work:)  Milito has a very high IQ for an old cat of 14 years.

Yesterday my husband made homemade bread...two kinds...sooo yummy.

 Last night my Milito got some nighttime cravings....
Let me tell you that this did NOT bode well for family relations.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh my goodness! Usually its the mice and rats that shred the tinfoil..that is one determined cat. Hopefully your husband will take it as a compliment...ha! It looks wonderful and it probably tasted even better.