Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road Trip

On Thursday, I decided that the lull in our family crises was really a window of opportunity. So I went with  my small quilting group on a road trip.  Seven of us in my van, laughing and having fun. ...a true respite.  Heath Springs, South Carolina is country. .. country with Southern hospitality.  We were told that if we had called in advance, she would have made us lunch!  As it was, she brought cheese and crackers, coffee and soda and cake to help us shop.  This beautiful old house holds many treasures including fabric for $6 a yard, fat quarters for $1.50 and vintage linens for a very reasonable price.  Although I have decided that this year I am not spending more than $5 a yard, at the White House I broke my pledge.  The hospitality here was so wondeful that I spent the $6 gladly. 

 Civil war fabrics to complement my stash.
 Some Happy Camper to brighten my day.
 Misc pretties..
 Fabric treats for my sister who had to work and needed some cheer.
 Although I have plenty of linens from my grandmother, I could not resist this runner with two kittens for $5.
Quilters know what the good life is!

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