Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandma, oh Grandma..I need you again today....

This morning I was reading Susan Branch's blogpost and tears filled my eyes.  It hit so close to home.  I knew just what to do...make chicken soup. Doing something about something when you really cannot do anything about what you really want to fix my mother...etc.  Grandma was a professional cook long before I knew her.  Growing up with her in our home, we all benefited from her talents.  Grandma could do anything...and true, she was my dearest of friends.  At times growing up, she was my only friend.  At my age now, I realize that under stress, she I quilt..she cooked and sewed.  So Grandma, you live in my heart and I need you now.

Grandma, did you know that Mom tried to climb out of her bed last night.  She denied it, but the staff said that she did.  My mother said that she woke up in the wrong bed and it was so frightening.  The staff said that if she looked around she would see her cat and the cat food and her window with the birds and squirrels and she would realize that indeed it was her own bed.  Mother was surprised.  Grandma, did you know that I bought online for $25, 3 wheelchair cups for her for the phone and one for her drink and one to save.  And then the other day, she took her hammer and hammered them off because she thought that they were in the way.  Her strength is weaker and she can no longer maneuver her wheelchair she thought it was the cups that were in the way.  Mom thinks that this is  completely normal thought process and that it is me who does not understand.  Now she is in bed again with diarrhea .  And Alexis has been sick for 5 weeks with C Diff too.  I had never heard of that before..but I guarantee that I will never forget it.  Anyway, Grandma, you taught me to carry on and so I will try not to be overwhelmed by this new, surprising turn of events.  I am going to finish a UFO and sit in the yard and read.   And, when the chicken soup is ready, I will take it to my mother.  I am so grateful that she lives 15 minutes away. xxoo

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Taryn said...

One step in front of the other. That's pretty much the only way to get through what you are going through right now. Savor each stitch and sip the soup slowly. My thoughts are with you.