Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage blocks and Gratitude

I do not relax well, like to keep on going.   When I get annoyed with daily pain that interferes, I try to remember my gratitude.  Today, I just accepted life as it is.  I relaxed.  I forgot the "shoulds". I made two quilt tops for the hospital and then I pulled out these vintage blocks that I bought at Guild a few months back.
I love all quilting, modern and traditional.  I can cut up an old orphan block of my own with modern fabric and make something new.  One thing I cannot do.  I cannot take old quilt blocks and cut them it up with modern fabric.  The lady making the old quilt still talks to me. I want to preserve as much as I can of her work. Not that I do not take liberties..I do.  In the quilt to be above, all the blocks are different sizes.  Some are hand pieced and some are machine pieced.  They are at times as much as 1 and a half inches off.  Since I cannot make it fit, I can make it work.  Which is what I plan to do.  .  Speaking of gratitude........this man and a warm fire.  I am the luckiest.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Lovely quilting and gratitudes! But I must say, those feet by the fire..hard to beat! I can feel the warmth from here :)