Friday, January 6, 2012

The frugal mister.....

When we moved to Charlotte from Miami 17 years ago, new warm clothes shopping was in order.  I found for my husband this flannel work shirt for $5 at a Dillard's sale.  For some reason, he really took to the shirt and wore it almost every time he worked in the yard.  It became a joke...I would say..."sure like your shirt".,.the same shirt all the time!!..This shirt lasted 17 years.  In November he brought it to me to repair with this rip down the back.  I just couldn't fix it. It was certainly the best $5 I ever spent.  I picked out a replacement for him from his closet and pondered the beloved shirt.
Here it resurfaces in his Christmas present...a mug rug for his tea:)
 A five dollar shirt for a million dollar man:)


KarenQuilt said...

That is such a lovely story! And I love the line "A Five Dollar Shirt for a million dollar man."

Marion said...

So romantic I like that line too. Anyways, Great idea. Instead of throwing men's dress shirts you make it rugs.