Friday, January 27, 2012

O'Quilt updates

I spent all day long today in a continuing education workshop for my business..The morning speaker was fine, but the afternoon was so draggy....My husband had met me for lunch at Pio Pio...he is a gooooood man!!  I now have 6 more CEU's and I both started and finished an entire scarf sitting there.   Sitting is not my thing.

Yesterday I decided that the lamp I had made years ago from a whatever bought at an antique store in the country for $2...needed a new lampshade.  The old one was clip on and only took old fashioned light bulbs..scarce lately.  So World Market to the rescue.  I love the lamp even more so now.

 Wednesday night at my Irish quilting group, I gave away all my scraps.  When they were bundled in give-away packages, I was fine.  I need the motivation to get to my "good stuff" before I die.  But as the scraps were on the table being  heart stopped.  I had all I could do not to change my mind!
Now I am OK...having shared the booty...because a new scrap bag has been started already...

My mother:  Wednesday she went to her poetry group in house.  She had fun but was tired.  Thursday she went on the bus to lunch bunch.  When she got home, she said that she was more tired than she had ever been in her life and she was not doing that again because she now knows it is too much for her.  This morning she had her hair done.  This afternoon when my husband stopped by to visit after tennis, he couldn't find her.  Then the activity bus pulled up.  Out came my mother exhausted.  She had gone to a ceramics studio outing and made two bowls.......She said that they had wanted her to rest instead, but she decided that she could either stay in the bed and wait for the end, or push herself.  Mother!!!  U wear me out..but I am grateful

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