Sunday, January 15, 2012

And, so I sew.....

"And so, I sew! Back and forth...little, then big and big, then little. No room for sadness, or loss, just vibrant remembrance when the heart is full and the hands stay busy."  This quote from Michelle got me going tonight. Not so unlike women of the past, we women of the present sew to stay sane, to remember, to spread joy and to create.  My mother has a urinary tract infection which has sent her around the bend.  She picks at the air and talks to the circus animals who are not there. Last night she fell out of bed thinking that she needed to get out and walk home.  I cannot believe what a UTI can do.  I am horrified, terrified and amazed at life and the human spirit.  So helpless, I look to exactly what Michelle is saying.  I just dug out this UFO.  With a need for comfort and connection to the past as it was, I am going to finish this.  The cats were embroidered by my grandmother 25 years ago, in her 90's, probably the age my mother is now.  She worked them when her eyes could no longer see the difference between blue and green.  She didnt give up on life and work, she did it anyway, even though it was hard.  I am trying to be that way too, not to break the circle of strong women in my life.

I must say that this new turn of events with my mother's mind has me shaken.


When you were lucid
Lapses grew longer
Slowly you became a
a feather
in the wind

from Daydreams, by Alice Franzen Clemons Burt


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I remember the kitty in a basket pattern from the 1950s or 60s. that is so cute!

My dad has a UTI too. He used to be so healthy.......


Hey my dear, you are wonderful in sewing! I wish I can try something like this any day!
Well done boss :)
Thanks for wishing me,,so sweet!