Friday, October 19, 2012

Look at me!!! Organized:)

Project boxes from Michaels have made my life so much easier.
See how ready I am for the Sit and Sew on Monday!!  I am now making my neice, Alexis a birthday cake.  She is 26 tomorrow.

Pippin, I cannot find your email address.  My Milito is so happy to hear that your cat is on thyroid meds too...Milito just hated the thought of being alone!!

PS..Judy...remember when you got this for me when we finished grad school....?  I still have it and love it...hugs..


Barb said...

wow - great idea.
I love the scrap quilt in the background! wonderful!

Debby said...

I love project boxes!!

Pippin said...

Hi again, its Pippin!! It is a yahoo dot com address and the user name is podgekin!!

Emily-louise is almost 14 and she has been on her thyroid meds for about 2 years. She sends purrs to Milito!